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How Much Will it Cost?

Possibly less than you might think .....

Initial Costs

The size of the proposed website (As in the number of pages) will have a bearing, as will the complexity of the design, but a basic website with ten pages can be produced for around £225.00.

A larger website with around thirty pages would start at about £525.00.

These prices do not include the cost of registering your desired domain name or any hosting costs that may be incurred.

As a guide, a .co.uk domain name can be registered for around £15.00 for two years - and very often for much less.


Once your website has been designed and is ready to go live, you will need to arrange for it to be hosted with a suitable hosting provider. The costs for this really depend very much on the services which you are likely to need.

At present, we tend to recommend packages from either 123 Reg or 1 and 1. Their charges are around £30.00 a year for a solution that is ideal for almost all of the smaller websites that we produce.

Free hosting is still available from some domain name providers but it usually comes with a requirement to use one of their internet connections when transferring you website content to their server. In most cases this means using an 0845 number to make a dial up connection. This is simply not practical for anything other than very small websites.

Additional Functionality

Other features and functionality such as online payment processing or database integration can also be quoted for.

Please CONTACT us to discuss your requirements.

Firm Price

Once we have agreed upon the basic site map and have a clear idea as to the site content and the functionality required, we will give a firm price to complete the project as outlined.

A 10% deposit may be required depending upon the size of the proposed project. Full payment becomes due once the website has gone live.

Any additional pages or features not included in the initial specification may incur further charges but these will be fully discussed and agreed upon before any extra work on them is undertaken.


Once your website has gone live we will make any necessary corrections or minor changes that may be required free of charge for up to three months.

Additional pages or new content not included in the initial specification can also be added at an agreed rate per page.

Ongoing Updates

It's very important to ensure that your website content is kept up to date.

Simply adding new photographs or updating the text keeps your site fresh and can help influence your search engine results.

We can offer a fixed price to undertake regular updates or give a cost for a one off update based upon the work required.

Please CONTACT us to discuss your requirements.

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